US plastics scrap exports to China improve in quarter two
Modified Time:2015-08-31

China: Compared to approximately 260 000 tonnes in the first quarter of 2014, American exports of plastics scrap to China were slashed to around 200 000 tonnes in the corresponding period of this year thanks to a combination of reduced demand from Chinese buyers as well as a relatively strong US dollar.

However, shipments from the USA to China jumped to around 290 000 tonnes in the second quarter of 2015 to yield a half-year total for this year of 491 000 tonnes - equivalent to a drop of 9% on last year's January-June period when some 542 000 tonnes was shipped, according to latest feedback from the US Census Bureau and the US International Trade Commission. 

The volumes of plastics scrap dispatched from the USA to China in this year’s April-June period were higher than for any quarter in 2014.