Aqsiq Application License
Modified Time:2014-11-12

Aqsiq Application License


Before exporting scrap materials to Chinese Mainland, the oversea company must register AQSIQ in china,our company can help the oversea company obtain the certification.

Waste materials from overseas suppliers must apply for AQSIQ AQSIQ registered and received a certificate to the AQSIQ goods exported to China, the importer can only deal with the exporters have AQSIQ license.


Our professional agents overseas supplier enterprises of imported waste materials AQSIQ certificate of registration services, 100% success rate; provide AQSIQ certificates of imported waste materials, full-service application for registration (including applications for enterprise AQSIQ pre ISO9001 quality system certification services).

 Overseas supplier enterprises of imported waste materials AQSIQ registration certificate application information

1, AQSIQ overseas supplier enterprises of imported waste materials application for registration

2, notarized tax registration documents, and business registration documents;

3, organizations, departments and job responsibilities of the statement;

4, indicating the size of a fixed office space plan, there are processing sites, site plan should also provide 

processing, to fully demonstrate The place, site or real video files more than five photos;

5, ISO9001 quality management system certification or RIOS system, and color copies and related operational guidance documents.Foreign suppliers to apply aqsiq waste materials must meet the following basic conditions:

1, with the country / region legal business qualification (proof of business registration, tax registration 


2, with a fixed office;

3, an ISO 9001 quality management system certification system or RIOS;

AQSIQ download the application form in English

AQSIQ download the application form in china

Solid wastes as raw materials imported foreign suppliers Implementing Rules for registration

AQSIQ waste Registered Exporters All Full List 2746 (September 2012)

oreign suppliers currently approved aqsiq registered a total of 2563 full list

The AQSIQ certificate method of identification guide