K&C was invited to attend the American ISRI 2013 CONVENTION & EXPOSITION
Modified Time:2013-04-18

Our company was invited to participate in the American Association of Scrap Recycling Industries ISRI(Orlando, Florida) Exposition from April 9th to April 12th. ISRI Exposition is the world's largest and most historical event for the use of renewable resources, there are thousands of waste materials enterprises worldwide participating in the Exposition. During the Exposition, we have in-depth discussions with K&C about the foreign waste supplier’s application for AQSIQ certificate, Quality management system of waste materials enterprises, Chinese market trends and some other common concerned issues. The waste range covers scrap metal, waste plastics, waste paper, waste textile raw materials, Smelting slag, etc. We have made positive publicity to relevant Chinese laws, regulations and procedures for importing through handling AQSIQ professionally and our fluent multiple-language interpretation, which provides the most direct and effective help to foreign companies for developing Chinese market. During the exhibition, our booth attracted several industry veterans, they stopped to negotiate and pay attention to us. They also gave us great praise.