Mexico Universidad Panamericana research group visited our company
Modified Time:2013-09-25

On September 24, 2013, 15 teachers and students- the graduate student visiting research group organized by Universidad Panamericana came to our company, exchanged and learned the consulting service industry management experience, the talent cultivation and growth mechanism on the fields of waste recycling and renewable utilization.

The visiting group carefully watched and listened to the business introduction, consulting service field experience and the commentary on the future prospect of the waste material recycling utilization in the lecture hall. During the period, the students from Universidad Panamericana proposed a number of active and highly interactive problems, such as the company’s human resource strategy, how to improve the consumer’s satisfactory on the consulting service, how to establish the efficient and practical quality management system from the perspective of more energy-conservation and environmentally friendly, how to promote the company’s business development and take into account the social responsibility, etc.

The reception staff gave detailed and reasonable answers to ​​the above issues, after the meeting, the teachers and students from Universidad Panamericana exchanged gifts with our reception staff, then they posed for pictures together.

Subsequently, under the guidance of the reception staff, the delegation visited our office, experienced our professional and enthusiastic service on the spot. Then came to know the theoretical guidance of the main business in our office, namely process-oriented and non-paper. They also spoke highly our company’s efforts and achievements in the field of environmental regeneration.