The HS Code Corresponding Table
Types of registered supplied goods Name of small class HS Code Name of the wastes (The Customs Goods Name )
Rubber waste Rubber waste 4004000090 Unvulcanized rubber waste , parings and scrap , and its powder , granules
Smelting slag Manganese smelting slag 2618001000 The main manganese smelting of iron and steel to produce the granulated slag ( slag sand )
Oxide scale 2619000010 Oxide skin produced by steel rolling
Smelting slag containing vanadium 2619000020 Iron or steel containing vanadium dross , slag ( iron or steel other than granulated slag )
2620999010 Containing vanadium pentoxide > 10% of the slag , ash and residues ( exclude smelting steel )
Steel slag 2619000030 Steel slag produced by smelting of iron and steel, and its iron content greater than 80%
Zinc smelting slag 2620190010 Zinc greater than 12% of the sintered lead and zinc smelting furnace slag ( used as a raw material for zinc smelting )
Copper smelting slag 2620999020 Copper greater than 10% of the copper smelting converter slag ; other copper smelting slag
Wood and cork waste Wood waste 4401300000 Sawdust, wood waste and scrap (whether or not bonded in logs , blocks , sheets or similar shape)
Cork waste 4501901000 Cork waste
Wastepaper Wastepaper 4707100000 Recover ( waste and scrap ) unbleached kraft , corrugated paper or paperboard
4707200000 Recover ( waste and scrap )bleached chemical pulp paper and cardboard ( without a body stain)
4707300000 Recover ( waste and scrap ) paper or paperboard of mechanical pulp (for example, waste newspapers , magazines and similar printed matter)
4707900090 And other recyclable paper or paperboard (including unsorted waste and scrap products )
Waste textile raw materials Waste animal wool 5103109090 Other animals of fine hair down
5103209090 Other animal waste from the fine (including waste yarn, not including recycling fiber)
5103300090 Other animals kemp waste (including waste yarn, not including recycling fiber)
5104009090 Other animals or kemp of recycled fibres hair
Cotton waste 5202100000 Waste cotton yarn line (including waste cotton thread)
5202910000 Cotton fiber recycling
5202990000 Other cotton waste
Waste chemical fiber 5505100000 Synthetic fiber waste (including fall cotton yarn, waste and recycling fiber)Synthetic fiber waste ( including drop- cotton yarn waste recycled fiber )
5505200000 Artificial fiber waste (including fall cotton yarn, waste and recycling fiber)Waste of man-made fibers (including drop- cotton yarn waste recycled fiber )
Waste fabric 6310100010 New or unused textile materials by the sort of the fabric of broken (new or unused, including waste line, rope, cable, cable and its products)
6310900010 Other textile materials, new or used rags and other ( new or used , including scrap twine , rope , cords , ropes and cables and articles thereof )
Metals and alloy wastes Iron and steel scrap 7204100000 Cast iron waste and scrap
7204290000 Other alloy steel scrap
7204300000 Tinned iron or steel waste and scrap
7204410000 Iron and steel scrap generated in the machining ( machining in a car , planing , milling, grinding , sawing , filing, scissors , red processing )
7204490090 Not listed steel scrap
7204500000 Melting scrap ingots
7204210000 Stainless steel waste and scrap
Waste non-ferrous metals 7112911010 Waste and scrap of gold
7112911090 Waste and scrap of gold (except containing other precious metals , )
7112921000 Waste and scrap of platinum package platinum (except containing other precious metals, and mainly for the recovery of platinum )
7404000090 Other copper waste and scrap
7503000000 Nickel waste and scrap
7602000090 Other aluminum scrap
7902000000 Zinc waste and scrap
8002000000 Tin waste and scrap
8103300000 Tantalum waste and scrap
8101970000 Tungsten waste and scrap
8104200000 Magnesium waste and scrap
8106001092 Unwrought bismuth waste and scrap
8108300000 Titanium waste and scrap
8109300000 Zirconium waste and scrap
8112921010 Unwrought germanium waste and scrap
8112922010 Unwrought vanadium waste and scrap ,
8112924010 Unwrought niobium scrap
8112929011 Unwrought hafnium waste and scrap
8112929091 Unwrought gallium , rhenium scrap
8113000010 Tungsten Carbide Waste and scrap ( including powder )
Mixed Metal Scrap Waste automotive pressed parts 7204490010 Waste automotive pressed parts
Scrap metal 7204490020 Based on recycled steel scrap metal and electronic
Scrap wire and cable 7602000010 Based on recycling aluminum scrap wire (including scrap wire , cable , hardware, appliances )
Waste Electrical and 7404000010 To recover the copper -based Waste Electrical (including Waste Electrical wires , cables , hardware electrical )
Waste ship Waste ship 8908000000 For the demolition of ships and other floating structures
Molasses Sugar surplus molasses 1703100000 Sugar cane molasses
1703900000 Other molasses
Waste plastics Waste plastics 3915100000 Waste , parings and scrap of polymers of ethylene
3915200000 Waste , parings and scrap of styrene polymers
3915300000 Waste, parings and scrap of polymers of vinyl chloride
3915901000 Poly (ethylene terephthalate) waste , parings and scrap
3915909000 Waste , parings and scrap of other plastics
Mineral waste Mica waste 2525300000 Mica waste
Leather waste Leather waste 4115200090 Scrap of leather or of composition leather
Silicon scrap Silicon waste and scrap 2804619001 Silicon content of not less than 99.99% of the polysilicon
2804619090 The silicon content of not less than 99.99% silicon