AQSIQ license registration---letter of thanks from another client again.
Modified Time:2015-08-11

We have being getting several letters of thanks from our clients for years, these letters completely affirm our professional and outstanding work in AQSIQ licence registration industry.
We received a letter of thanks from ASIA EUROPE TRADE LTD on 10th August 2015, who gave us great praise and said that we did a great job with their AQSIQ licence registration and renewal work.
ASIA EUROPE TRADE LTD. is professional recycling trader in United Kingdom, due to their changes in staff, they missed the right time to apply for the renewal, and is over due to catch up the latest time required by AQSIQ, one of our team, Mr. Jackson, based on their good behavior to obey AQSIQ laws and regulations, decided to take this case under the most challenge, devoted his heart and patience to guide and help, and finally cost only 20 days to succeeded in the renewal application, so that ASIA EUROPE TRADE LTD. can continue to use the AQSIQ licence to do the CCIC inspection, to keep their scrap business with China.
K AND C International consulting company will keep to focus on our clients, continue to carry out the goal to be the “Experts on AQSIQ licence registration”, and keep offering the best service for AQSIQ license of overseas suppliers and Chinese buyers.